Top Medical Reasons That Lead To Weight Increase And Foods You Can Take

Top Medical Reasons That Lead To Weight Increase And Foods You Can Take

There are many factors you need to consider when you want to lose weight naturally. However, before you tackle the weight issues, it is of importance to know which particular things lead to weight increase. While some of the weight-increase factors have a medical inclination, the other reasons are more of the type lifestyle live. What you eat, physical activities you engage in, and how you socialize, all are central in determining whether you will gain or lose weight. Note that your lifestyle, can also lead to development of certain diseases that can lead to increase of your weight.

 Unintentional weight gain – how to stop it

There are many medical reasons that can lead unintentional weight gain over a period of time. This is even if you do not increase your food portion, change your diet, nor change eating habits, these weight issues can still affect you. One of such condition is medically known as Hypothyroidism, of which, affects how your body uses energy levels at all times. In this case, the patient will start to suffer from effects of obesity as he gains more weight, as the body start to fail to synthesize sugars. It is highly recommended that you visit medical experts when you realize that you are gaining weight unintentionally.

 The second condition: Dysthemia

The other condition that is prevalent amongst men and women and can lead to that can lead to increase in weight in both sexes is Dysthemia. It is a condition that affects those who are stressed and depressed over a long period of time. Overall, it can take many years to manifest takes years to manifest. If left unchecked, not only will it lead to weight increase but development of heart complications. There is nothing better than countering this disease by eating healthy and visiting a psychiatrist to help you out. In most cases, psychiatrist will tell you to enroll on a reliable weight-loss program that is known to emphasize on good eating habits and exercises.


This is not all, gestation diabetes has been known to be a leading cause of obesity and other weight related complications in women. It occurs when they are pregnant and is characterized by high sugar in the blood system. The low utilization sugars by the body definitely has a negative impact on weight. It is important to check and rectify this condition while its still in the nest. If a woman is left unattended to, she can lose the child or even die. However, with exercises and using recommended foods she can quickly tackle the issues without straining at ll.


The other medial reasons that fall in the same range include but not limited to menopause, premenstrual syndrome, and Hashimoto Disease. Cushing syndrome, which often leads to high levels of cortisol is known to cause weight related complications. If you are diagnosed of this disease, it is essential that you decide to enroll weight loss program that incorporate eating healthy and excises. In this way, you will be able to lose some extra pounds without necessarily spending a fortune in the process. And above all, you will be able to live a healthy life without worrying about health risks associated with excessive weight. (for more info on this, check out this Brazilian site I found. It’s great if you know Portuguese: como emagrecer rapido

 What foods to eat if you start gaining weight

If you are increasing weight unintentionally, there are some foods that doctors will tell you to use. However, these will vary from one person to the other, based on the fact that the root cause might differ. For instance beans which are very rich in proteins can make you feel full for long. You might be asked to take pureed vegetables, and in some cases you will be asked to take heavy breakfast to avoid snacks. But the one thing that stands out is most patients are often asked to use lots of fruits. Especially, natural fruits that do not contains lots of sugar.

 Fish oil is rich of omega 3 and healthy for you

It is important to note that use of fish can help you a great deal when it come to losing weight. However, you should not eat those that have a high content of methylmercury because the a health risk. The best way you can choose a diet to use in your weight loss program is consult with your dietician. In this way, you will be able to enjoy your life and not worry about health related complications. Overall, medical related weight issues can best tackled after you hacve consulted with a medical practitioner, who has an in-depth understanding of food that you can use. Do not use any program if you have no idea about it, as you might up suffering more.