Building muscles using Human Chorionic Gonadotropin diet

It is now possible to move from being jelly armed to having some hard toned biceps and triceps. This is usually what you find hard to accept when you walk in to a gym and are surrounded by people who are ripped and handsome or beautiful. HCG can be used to achieve muscles mass and also strength that usually comes with it. Apart from being used in the treatment of infertility this hormone is also important in conditioning the body to eradicate fats and hence allow you to build your muscles. Here are some steps that you can follow to get your body toned and strong.


Step 1: consult the doctor

It is important that you speak with your doctor before embarking on the journey. This is because they usually have some sufficient background which they can use to ensure that you are fit to undertake the exercise. If you are a woman there are certain gynecological things that you need to know before you can start using HCG. They will also be able to explain categorically some of the side effects that you are likely to experience when taking the sublingual hcg. They will also advice in terms of other illnesses that you could be having.


Step2: choosing between HCG injection and drops

This should be done by visiting a doctor that will be able to give you proper prescription. It is therefore important that when you are deciding between the two you should consult the doctor on some of the advantages of one over the other. The doctor is also able to tell some ways in which the hormone works. For example the drops usually go to the stomach before being absorbed into the blood stream. Ensure that you follow the prescription and also adhere to the dosage. Ensure that you avoid exceeding the dosage to accelerate the effects.

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Step 3: Follow the calorie-strict diet

You will be defeating the purpose when you are not able to follow the calorie-restricted diet. This is especially if you are in body building. Ensure that you take two meals in a day that have proteins, complex carbohydrates which come close to about 200 calories each. This means that you are within the range of 500 calories. The insistence on protein is to ensure that you muscles have enough energy for the workout and the gym work that you will need to do to get the toned muscles.

Step4: Do recommended exercises

Ensure that you are lifting weight at least 3-4 days in a week. The three main ways is using the dumbbells, body weight and also exercise band for resistance exercises. Integrate the exercise of the joints by using compounds and other exercises that are targeted at multiple joints. This will ensure that you are able to increase the lean muscles more. Exercises like press-ups, lunges, chest press, squats and military press will be very instrumental. Do at least four sets of 12 reps for these exercises. You can also increase this with the more reps you do and also in respect with the body mass. The 12 sets are usually difficult to complete and should be able to give you desired results. bb1

This is very important in monitoring some of the side effect and also ensuring that you are responding properly. You will also be able to check if the program you are undertaking is effective for you or you should consider taking another program. You can also evaluate the effectiveness of the calorie-restricted diet and some of the adjustments that you will need to do with it.


Remember that the diet that you are taking is almost ¼ of the recommended dietary requirements for adults and hence you should note that you are likely to experience some side effects like headaches, acne and irritation. These are just signs that are associated with lack of some dietary need. However once the body has lost enough weight you can able to start all over again.