Health Benefits Of Yoga As An Alternative To Medication

Yoga is an ancient science that has been in existence for more than five thousand year before the emergence of the medical world. According to testimonials, it has given desirable results in health cases that the medical world has failed to cure. Furthermore, yoga is a major factor when it comes to self improvement especially in social life which is not the case in the medical world. Stress related problem such as insomnia have been put in check through yoga practice.


Health Benefits Of Yoga As An Alternative To Medication

Yoga meditation, deep breathing and combined poses has greatly enhanced the health of many people. Health abnormalities such as chronic pain, arthritis, heart problems, and fatigue are examples of complicated health issues that have been permanently settled through yoga. With no doubt, the medical world has been very instrumental when countering various diseases. However, it has been very expensive and sometimes hard to afford and this has put many poor people to a state of Increase well being with yogadisadvantage.

On the other hand, yoga has also helped to prevent, cure and control various diseases on a simple budget. In addition, yoga is an interesting and engaging practice that benefits your health. The following are some of the health benefits of yoga that you probably thought that they only exist in the medical world.

Heart disease prevention

Stress is the main factor that brings about heart diseases and attacks. Heart disease is the main cause of death in United State of America, according to report released by scientist in 2009. The same group of scientist also testified that yoga’s effects have the ability to reduce cardiovascular diseases. After a comprehensive study done by scientist, they came to an agreement that heart disease factors such as oxidative stress and high blood pressure hardens blood vessels. For this reason, yoga has become a recommendation for people with stress and high blood pressure to enable them relax and manage stress.

yoga for the mind and bodyWeight management

When you get older, you naturally start to gain weight gradually. Resent survey showed that people with the age of forty five to fifty five have an average weight gain of one pound per year. However, those who exercise yoga two times a week gained three pound in ten years. On the basis of this evidence, it is advisable for anyone who is willing to maintain a good shape to embrace yoga exercise. In addition, if you are willing to naturally reduce weight, you will have to engage in a daily yoga routine to get desired results. See more for daily yoga routines – yoga classes in Scottsdale, AZ

Keeps viruses and allergies at bay

Body exercises and cleansing yoga practices are able to counter the occurrence of allergies and viruses. Jala neti is a yoga exercise that gently removes viruses from the nose and nasal passages using salty water. Yoga exercises leads to rapid breathing which causes internal cleansing especially to the intestines.


Improves your respiratory system

Continuous practice of yoga helps to increase room in the lungs. It has been scientifically proven that yogis inhale few breaths but of high volume and this promotes efficiency in the respiratory system. The large volume of air inhaled supplies large quantities of oxygen to the blood stream and the brain. This promotes concentration as well as productiveness. In addition, yogis’ lugs are estimated to have an efficient functionality.

Prevents joint breakdown and cartilageYoga is a buddhist health movement

When you engage in a yoga exercise, your joints operate in full motion. And when this exercise is done repeatedly, you get to involve cartilage that is not normally in use. This helps to avoid illness such as mitigate disability or arthritis. Joint cartilage is a body tissue that requires fresh nutrients every now and then. So when you exercise, some of its fluid comes out giving room for fresh nutrients. Without exercise, the amount of fluid in the cartilage may dry up causing bones joints to collide or even breakdown.

On the basis of evidence above, yoga exercise has proven to have a lot of health benefits almost as similar as those of the medical world. Therefore, you should consider whether you health issue is best controlled naturally through yoga or medicinal wise.