Improving Brain Fitness With GVS-111

We would all want to improve our concentration and memory in order to overcome the brain fog we experience each day. This desire is the reason there have been numerous researches into GVS-111, a Nootropic that proves to enhance some of our brains’ functions. In this article, you will find reasons that make GVS-111 the best Nootropic for you if you are searching for a way to enhance your mental processes and functions such as learning and memory.

  1. What is GVS-111?

GVS-111, a synonym for Noopept or n-phenylacetyl-l-prolylglycine ethyl ester, is a synthetic Nootropic substance patented in 1995. In the last five years, the drug has become very popular among people. Presently, many are anticipating that it can end all other nootropics. Almost all users are reporting increased memory, improved verbal acuity, increased learning ability and increased cognitive capacities.

Chemically, GVS-111 is a dipeptide (a protein substance that has two amino acid residues) that has similar effects as Piracetam. However, many researchers say that the drug is thousand times more potent than Piracetam. It has high oral bioavailability and promises to have the ability to treat numerous aspects of cognitive, which warrant more research.



  1. Its working mechanism

Although the exact mechanism of this drug is not entirely clear, studies have shown it working like other Racetams. It can affect and modulate several of your key neurotransmitter receptors. It can also improve glucose and oxygen uptake, and metabolism of your brain. Many research have cited Noopept have four primary working mechanisms.

  • Antioxidative mechanism: Vitro Studies show signs of Noopept to operate as an antioxidative to protect neurons from apoptosis
  • Inhibiting glutamate neurotoxicity: This action will prevent cell death plus various neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and autism that result from glutamate neurotoxicity.
  • Increasing neuronal plasticity: researchers note this mechanism of action to improve adaptability in memory and learning.
  • Increasing the expression of polyglycine, cyclo-polyglycine and phenylacetic acid in the brain: Researchers have also noted this mechanism of action that increases these endogenous Nootropics.

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  1. Benefits of GVS-111noopept chemical structure

The countless positive effects of Noopept make it an intriguing nootropic. It has no significant sides effect noted, and it is useful in both acute and chronic usage.

You can use GVS-111 to improve your learning, memory and recall effectively, as supported by a number of studies. The great thing about this supplement is that appears to benefit both your memory consolidation stage and memory retrieval positively. In other words, this drug will improve both your long term and short-term memory on top of facilitating faster recall. Following this, it makes sense to say that GVS-111 benefits are truly far beyond those of Piracetam.

This drug also proves to be very neuroprotective. As a result, it can help you to prevent or eve reverse, in some cases, brain damage caused by oxidative stress. Other studies show GVS-111 to boost levels of Nerve Growth Factor or NGF that is responsible for promoting the specification and growth of new synapses and neurons. You need these two to develop long-term memory.

This supplement will also help your body to flush away potential toxic substances such as excess calcium within the brain thanks to its anti-oxidant properties. Can you guess the first intention of developing Noopept? Doctors prescribed it to reduce and reverse the brain damage resulting from alcohol and drug use.

For you to buy GVS-111 with confidence, it’s nice to visit user experience logs and its reviews. From there, you will know that this drug has a positive influence on various subjective metrics relation to mental activities. For an instance, you will find many Noopept testimonials saying that the drug makes it possible to extend periods of mental exertion by helping to minimize the sensation of brain fog.

Studies even offer evidence for the claim that this supplement can also improve motivation and drive.

Other benefits can include:

  • Faster thinking
  • Heightened creativity
  • Better ability to execute mathematical computations
  • Increase the capacity to engage in logical reasoning
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Boost mood
  • Enhance cognition

  1. What are GVS-111 side effects?

To your advantage, studies have not indicated any accumulation of this drug in the body, or addiction or any drug dependency when you despite its potency. However, some people report irritation after taking it for a long time. In case you do encounter this unwanted reaction, you may try to rotate the supplement to enable your body to adjust.

Studies also do not show GVS-111 to case head as it is for many other Nootropics. In fact, they indicate that the supplement can even reduce the severity and frequency of headaches. Since you need only a small doze to have effects, it significantly reduces the risk of various forms of stomach discomfort such as nausea as well as gastrointestinal issues.

Although very rare, some people may show allergic reactions to this product. It is good to check with a physician first before using the supplement if suffering from hypertension. Those breastfeeding, pregnant and under1 8 years should also avoid this supplement.