How to build your legs and look good in leggings

Some time back, ladies were obsessed with face makeups. That’s what was trending at that time. For now, it’s the skintight leggings on the market (for example these great leggings, click here to see my favorites). Working on the face alone and leaving the rest of the body untouched will never work these days. Everyone can do makeup, but do they look sexy even on makeup? Ask the men, and they will tell you that a sexy lady is one who can showcase the natural beauty in tight pants and not the lady patched with color all over the face.

However, leggings are not for every lady. They are for those ladies who do something to make them work for them. Don’t sit back and expect to build legging-fitting legs or butts. You must engage in some workouts to shape, define and lift your legs and the entire lower half. Giving our body a challenge makes it respond by adapting to beauty. Several tips can work to help build your legs.


  1. Side squats

The focus is on the legs here, it’s the leggings you want to fit in not the boob’s tops. It means that any workout for the lower limbs will be fine. However, some workouts will yield better results than others. The side squats is among the best to try out.  Click here for the best workout program to get started.

Normal squatting will work when done appropriately. However, the flamingo squat is far much better. It brings in a step to keep your body at a higher level. Keep your arms to the front and start going down in squat from the step level? Before you get to the lowest position possible, you will already be feeling the exhausted mode. Once on the bottom, start rising once more to the normal position. Don’t it in a rush. It works better when you take it slow. Once you are back to the starting position, keep moving again for as many times as possible. Then switch to the next side.


  1. Inner thigh star

As it suggests, you make a star shape out of your body. It’s simple, but not that simple. That’s why it’s a workout. Once, again, you will need a step block. That will help in creating space to place one leg. Instead of stepping the block foot flat, use the toes to make the workout more efficient.

The hands will also need to be spread out. You will start at plank position meaning that one hand will be supporting your body on the floor. The other automatically will have to fly straight to the air. Three limbs are no well positioned leaving only one that is to be worked out. The hanging leg should be rotated front and backwards without letting it touch the floor. That will not only build the butts, but also the legs themselves. Both legs should be worked out in the same way.

  1. Rear rising lungefemale-bicycle

It’s one of the most effective workout to build perfect legs for leggings. With your step block, place one leg on it and the other leg to support you from behind the step. Position your hands in an outward position, rotating them top to bottom as you move up and down the step.

With the weight being on the leg placed at the step, push your body up. The workout might be tough at first but you will get used to it. As you go up spread the other leg backwards. Getting to the top is not the end, you will need to once again lower the body back to the bottom and shift legs for balanced workout.

  1. Single Leg Bridge

You probably do his workout even without noticing it. Its focus is on the legs which is what you need to look good in modern tight leggings. Lie on the floor face up with a step placed below the heels. With one leg lifted straight to the ceiling, and hands placed at right angles at the elbow, lift your weight by pushing upwards to concentrate the weight at the legs. Shift to the other leg and repeat the workout as many times as possible.

So many other workouts that place emphasis on the legs will be good. Be sure to build the perfect legs that will leave all the men seduced once they see them in leggings.


  1. I can say that if you can handle it, lunge are by far one of the best leg exercises you can do for your legs and to get them toned.