Building muscles using Human Chorionic Gonadotropin diet

It is now possible to move from being jelly armed to having some hard toned biceps and triceps. This is usually what you find hard to accept when you walk in to a gym and are surrounded by people who are ripped and handsome or beautiful. HCG can be used to achieve muscles mass and also strength that usually comes with it. Apart from being used in the treatment of infertility this hormone is also important in conditioning the body to eradicate fats and hence allow you to build your muscles. Here are some steps that you can follow to get your body toned and strong.


Step 1: consult the doctor

It is important that you speak with your doctor before embarking on the journey. This is because they usually have some sufficient background which they can use to ensure that you are fit to undertake the exercise. If you are a woman there are certain gynecological things that you need to know before you can start using HCG. They will also be able to explain categorically some of the side effects that you are likely to experience when taking the sublingual hcg. They will also advice in terms of other illnesses that you could be having.


Step2: choosing between HCG injection and drops

This should be done by visiting a doctor that will be able to give you proper prescription. It is therefore important that when you are deciding between the two you should consult the doctor on some of the advantages of one over the other. The doctor is also able to tell some ways in which the hormone works. For example the drops usually go to the stomach before being absorbed into the blood stream. Ensure that you follow the prescription and also adhere to the dosage. Ensure that you avoid exceeding the dosage to accelerate the effects.

you dont need pills to build muscle

Step 3: Follow the calorie-strict diet

You will be defeating the purpose when you are not able to follow the calorie-restricted diet. This is especially if you are in body building. Ensure that you take two meals in a day that have proteins, complex carbohydrates which come close to about 200 calories each. This means that you are within the range of 500 calories. The insistence on protein is to ensure that you muscles have enough energy for the workout and the gym work that you will need to do to get the toned muscles.

Step4: Do recommended exercises

Ensure that you are lifting weight at least 3-4 days in a week. The three main ways is using the dumbbells, body weight and also exercise band for resistance exercises. Integrate the exercise of the joints by using compounds and other exercises that are targeted at multiple joints. This will ensure that you are able to increase the lean muscles more. Exercises like press-ups, lunges, chest press, squats and military press will be very instrumental. Do at least four sets of 12 reps for these exercises. You can also increase this with the more reps you do and also in respect with the body mass. The 12 sets are usually difficult to complete and should be able to give you desired results. bb1

This is very important in monitoring some of the side effect and also ensuring that you are responding properly. You will also be able to check if the program you are undertaking is effective for you or you should consider taking another program. You can also evaluate the effectiveness of the calorie-restricted diet and some of the adjustments that you will need to do with it.


Remember that the diet that you are taking is almost ¼ of the recommended dietary requirements for adults and hence you should note that you are likely to experience some side effects like headaches, acne and irritation. These are just signs that are associated with lack of some dietary need. However once the body has lost enough weight you can able to start all over again.

Health Benefits Of Yoga As An Alternative To Medication

Yoga is an ancient science that has been in existence for more than five thousand year before the emergence of the medical world. According to testimonials, it has given desirable results in health cases that the medical world has failed to cure. Furthermore, yoga is a major factor when it comes to self improvement especially in social life which is not the case in the medical world. Stress related problem such as insomnia have been put in check through yoga practice.


Health Benefits Of Yoga As An Alternative To Medication

Yoga meditation, deep breathing and combined poses has greatly enhanced the health of many people. Health abnormalities such as chronic pain, arthritis, heart problems, and fatigue are examples of complicated health issues that have been permanently settled through yoga. With no doubt, the medical world has been very instrumental when countering various diseases. However, it has been very expensive and sometimes hard to afford and this has put many poor people to a state of Increase well being with yogadisadvantage.

On the other hand, yoga has also helped to prevent, cure and control various diseases on a simple budget. In addition, yoga is an interesting and engaging practice that benefits your health. The following are some of the health benefits of yoga that you probably thought that they only exist in the medical world.

Heart disease prevention

Stress is the main factor that brings about heart diseases and attacks. Heart disease is the main cause of death in United State of America, according to report released by scientist in 2009. The same group of scientist also testified that yoga’s effects have the ability to reduce cardiovascular diseases. After a comprehensive study done by scientist, they came to an agreement that heart disease factors such as oxidative stress and high blood pressure hardens blood vessels. For this reason, yoga has become a recommendation for people with stress and high blood pressure to enable them relax and manage stress.

yoga for the mind and bodyWeight management

When you get older, you naturally start to gain weight gradually. Resent survey showed that people with the age of forty five to fifty five have an average weight gain of one pound per year. However, those who exercise yoga two times a week gained three pound in ten years. On the basis of this evidence, it is advisable for anyone who is willing to maintain a good shape to embrace yoga exercise. In addition, if you are willing to naturally reduce weight, you will have to engage in a daily yoga routine to get desired results. See more for daily yoga routines – yoga classes in Scottsdale, AZ

Keeps viruses and allergies at bay

Body exercises and cleansing yoga practices are able to counter the occurrence of allergies and viruses. Jala neti is a yoga exercise that gently removes viruses from the nose and nasal passages using salty water. Yoga exercises leads to rapid breathing which causes internal cleansing especially to the intestines.


Improves your respiratory system

Continuous practice of yoga helps to increase room in the lungs. It has been scientifically proven that yogis inhale few breaths but of high volume and this promotes efficiency in the respiratory system. The large volume of air inhaled supplies large quantities of oxygen to the blood stream and the brain. This promotes concentration as well as productiveness. In addition, yogis’ lugs are estimated to have an efficient functionality.

Prevents joint breakdown and cartilageYoga is a buddhist health movement

When you engage in a yoga exercise, your joints operate in full motion. And when this exercise is done repeatedly, you get to involve cartilage that is not normally in use. This helps to avoid illness such as mitigate disability or arthritis. Joint cartilage is a body tissue that requires fresh nutrients every now and then. So when you exercise, some of its fluid comes out giving room for fresh nutrients. Without exercise, the amount of fluid in the cartilage may dry up causing bones joints to collide or even breakdown.

On the basis of evidence above, yoga exercise has proven to have a lot of health benefits almost as similar as those of the medical world. Therefore, you should consider whether you health issue is best controlled naturally through yoga or medicinal wise.

Shock Your Body When You Are In Shape!

 Okay, so what happens now when you have reached your weight loss and fitness goals? Well, first we want to say ‘congratulations’. Now, we already know how hard is to tempt to eat that bag of potato chips after all of your hard work out and to lie back on your couch. But, please do not do that. You have to keep moving. We know that you have been working hard, but keep in mind that your new routine won’t maintain your best new look forever. And the good news is that through cross or interval training you can shock your body with working hard again and keep up with getting the results you desire.

  1. Interval Training It is the ability to increase intensity, add time, distance, reps, exercises, or intervals to create a more difficult workout and that is the great part about this particular kind of workout. Also, it is important that you work until you are panting then Sprintrecover the fastest possible before doing it again. A great way to begin interval training is a sprint work. Sprint the length of a football field, then walk back and do it again. Then change it up after a couple of weeks by adding ten burpees before and twenty sit-ups after every sprint. Also, a different approach to intervals is using a pyramid or ladder structure. That means that mid workout is your peak energy output. The football field is a great place to start. You could sprint ten yards then walk back. After that sprint twenty yards then walk back. Also, the same concept can be applied to elliptical, bike, or swimming workouts. You should be creative and add different exercises to keep it interesting!
  1. Cross TrainingIt is great if you have spent the past few months running 5 miles 3 times per week! But it’s probably not so challenging as it once was, and that means you have increased your level of fitness. Now, in order to keep pushing your body, that same routine has to change a bit. That’s why cross training can give you an added challenge and can truly help you to improve your running speed and endurance as well. An excellent way to start is swimming. You will be surprised at how much of a workout you can get in the water if you are not already a swimmer! You can use whatever stroke you are comfortable with for starters. Keep in mind that water adds resistance that air does not, with challenging cross-trainingyour body in a different way and building lean muscle, as well. You can burn around five hundred calories an hour with an easy swim! You can challenge yourself in the pool and you will feel a obvious difference the next time you lace up your running shoes. Try out spinning if you’re used to the elliptical. You could work a few weight training sessions into your routine, if you’re a yogi.The general idea with interval training and cross training is to mix it up. You need to confuse your body. Make it do things it isn’t used to doing. Remember, that muscle confusion is what will build fitness levels and also shock your body into working to your benefit. Remember also that the same old routine won’t only bore you, it will bore your body. After you are in shape, regular variation should be your new fitness focus.

Take Your Bike To Work And Improve Your Life

cycling is fun for the whole family Take Your Bike To Work And Improve Your Life

Maintaining a healthy body and staying fit is something that we as humans need and by sustaining a healthy fit body, we will be able to live longer, have better endurance and so much more health benefits. Achieving a healthy body isn’t hard either, it just requires a right plan and consistency. The only way to see results and sustain fitness and a good body shape is to remain consistent with your workout plans. It is imperative to always stay in shape whether you may be going to the gym weight training or going on the treadmill and doing cardio.

It Can Be Very Difficult

However, maintaining your health and building your own workout regime may be hard and intense. You can look past hitting the gym for weight training but looking towards cycling for your health and fitness. It is no secret that bicycling is one of the best ways for people to stay active and achieve good health, but it is also an efficient way to go around town, especially if you live around places that are within biking distance.

Cyclists Live Longer And Are Happier

Cyclists who ride their bicycle regularly, like to work and school have been proven to live regularly longer in comparison to those who do not ride bicycles at all.

It is also proven that cyclists have a fitness level equivalent to being 10 years younger than their real age. However riding your bicycle does make you vulnerable to the many dangerous things out in the world like head injuries and collisions, but by being actively alert and wearing protective gear like a helmet you will decrease the chances of yourself sustaining these kinds of injuries and accidents.

Knowing this, the benefits of cycling heavily outweigh the cons of cycling. Especially since these benefits assist in health and fitness.

The Great Health Benefits

Here are just 3 great health benefits that come with cycling:


  1. Immune System boost: With the aid cycling you are increasing your activity and fitness levels that increases and strengthens your immune system as you are constantly being active. By having a strong immune system you will be able to deter yourself from any illnesses and also contributes to living a healthy life. It is important to have a healthy immune system especially with age.
  2. Stamina: Cycling is really great as an aerobic exercise as the strain and demand is much less on the body in comparison to other endurance sports. Having a high stamina will reduce tiredness and fatigue while you are engaging in physical activities and also promotes a sense of well-being.
  3. Maintaining body weight, and abolishing obesity: By staying active through cycling you are doing an exercise that is ideal for losing weight in areas that are mostly fat packed. By increasing your physical fitness you will stimulate and strengthen your fat metabolism, while also reducing weight. It is said that if the government were to send the message of cycling is one of the most efficient ways of getting around and exercising the obesity population will dramatically decrease.cyclists usually have better health than most


Overall cycling should stay in your repitore of exercising regimes, to stay physically fit and stay feeling good about your body and self.