How to build your legs and look good in leggings

Some time back, ladies were obsessed with face makeups. That’s what was trending at that time. For now, it’s the skintight leggings on the market (for example these great leggings, click here to see my favorites). Working on the face alone and leaving the rest of the body untouched will never work these days. Everyone can do makeup, but do they look sexy even on makeup? Ask the men, and they will tell you that a sexy lady is one who can showcase the natural beauty in tight pants and not the lady patched with color all over the face. However, leggings are not for every lady. They are for those ladies who do something to make them work for them. Don’t sit back and expect to build legging-fitting legs or butts. You must engage in some workouts to shape, define and lift your legs and the entire lower half. Giving our body a challenge makes it respond by adapting to beauty. Several tips can work to help build your legs.


  1. Side squats

The focus is on the legs here, it’s the leggings you want to fit in not the boob’s tops. It means that any workout for the lower limbs will be fine. However, some workouts will yield better results than others. The side squats is among the best to try out. Normal squatting will work when done appropriately. However, the flamingo squat is far much better. It brings in a step to keep your body at a higher level. Keep your arms to the front and start going down in squat from the step level? Before you get to the lowest position possible, you will already be feeling the exhausted mode. Once on the bottom, start rising once more to the normal position. Don’t it in a rush. It works better when you take it slow. Once you are back to the starting position, keep moving again for as many times as possible. Then switch to the next side.


  1. Inner thigh star

As it suggests, you make a star shape out of your body. It’s simple, but not that simple. That’s why it’s a workout. Once, again, you will need a step block. That will help in creating space to place one leg. Instead of stepping the block foot flat, use the toes to make the workout more efficient. The hands will also need to be spread out. You will start at plank position meaning that one hand will be supporting your body on the floor. The other automatically will have to fly straight to the air. Three limbs are no well positioned leaving only one that is to be worked out. The hanging leg should be rotated front and backwards without letting it touch the floor. That will not only build the butts, but also the legs themselves. Both legs should be worked out in the same way.

  1. Rear rising lungefemale-bicycle

It’s one of the most effective workout to build perfect legs for leggings. With your step block, place one leg on it and the other leg to support you from behind the step. Position your hands in an outward position, rotating them top to bottom as you move up and down the step. With the weight being on the leg placed at the step, push your body up. The workout might be tough at first but you will get used to it. As you go up spread the other leg backwards. Getting to the top is not the end, you will need to once again lower the body back to the bottom and shift legs for balanced workout.

  1. Single Leg Bridge

You probably do his workout even without noticing it. Its focus is on the legs which is what you need to look good in modern tight leggings. Lie on the floor face up with a step placed below the heels. With one leg lifted straight to the ceiling, and hands placed at right angles at the elbow, lift your weight by pushing upwards to concentrate the weight at the legs. Shift to the other leg and repeat the workout as many times as possible.

So many other workouts that place emphasis on the legs will be good. Be sure to build the perfect legs that will leave all the men seduced once they see them in leggings.

How PT courses place value to your fitness service

One of the options after studying best personal trainer courses is to start a fitness business. Various fitness professionals charge different rates. It is amazing that there are some who charge a very high amount and still get clients lining up for their service. Others find it hard to charge a percentage of the price charged by their counterparts.

It is challenging to determine the suitable cost of personal training. When you go for PT courses it becomes easier to determine your worth therefore you can set the right price for the kind of service you can provide. Charging correct fee for personal training is vital. Personal training course helps you to know how to set a fair price for you and the client according to these factors:

 Value of service you can provide ready to go training

When you complete some of the best personal training courses, you can determine the value of service that you can offer to the clients therefore base the price on that. When you go for training and consistently deliver what your learnt perfectly, you become a brand.

Everyone wants to associate with a certain successful brand. It is the reason why people buy clothes by specific designers or cars because of their reputation. People are even prepared to pay extra for some brand of product or service. Personal training is like other products   have value.  Potential clients will make a decision on the value of your personal training service based on their personal training criteria.

As a personal trainer, you should establish the needs of your clients and meet their expectations so that they consider you to be a valuable brand for which they can pay a good amount. Personal training courses help you to acquire skills that enable you to provide valuable service to clients with different needs .  When clients are satisfied with the value of your fitness training, they are prepared to pay when you charge. Additionally, they will market you as a personal trainer worth hiring through word of mouth.

Communicating your value

For you to get fair pay, you have to communicate and convince clients to accept value of your service. You must therefore demonstrate to potential clients that the service you provide reaches the standards that they value. It is impossible to place a value to the service you offer and discuss it effectively if you are not trained.

Personal trainer course helps to anticipate what most fitness clients want.  With this information, you can plan several packages so that each of them can fit somewhere. Without training, you are likely to offer one size fits all kind of service. Those who do not fit in have no other option except to go away.  A course gives you the professional outlook of fitness. You can look at the budget that a potential client has for personal training and offer proper advise about the sessions that fit training structure and if they are enough.

Providing solutions gymnast

Working out is not just about achieving good looks.  Personal training coursed helps you to know the motivation that pushes your clients to work out and ways of achieving results. Losing weight, increasing muscle and preparing for a competition are some of the motivations. As a professional, you can piece this information together to determine the reason why they are unable to achieve that on their own and provide them with practical solutions. When clients get desired results, they will value your service and will be prepared to pay your rates.

Many business owners start out by looking at what other people charge and quote slightly less. This process might not work all the time because some people might view it as too cheap. Personal trainer courses help you to know your position in terms of service.

When clients come to you, they want to buy your fitness training service but not you. You can therefore look at the courses you have studied and place a value on the kind of service you can offer.  This way, you can set correct price and reap more from personal training business rather than depending on what other trainers charge to fix your rates.

Dental Health – Brushing and Flossing Teeth

Brushing teeth

Brushing teeth is a norm for most people. People brush teeth every day. But, dental caries and other dental diseases are still rampant. The main reason behind this is that people do not brush teeth correctly. In addition to this, not many people remember to brush their teeth before sleeping. The sleeping hours allow bacteria to interact with the food debris left on the surface of teeth. The sleeping hours also allow plaque to accumulate. Plaque is home to many bacteria. You should get rid of it regularly to avoid tooth decay and gum infection.

Flossing teeth

your entire family should brush their teeth

Flossing of teeth is done using dental floss. Flossing teeth help to remove pieces of food that are left on teeth that are not reachable using a toothbrush. It gets rid of plaque that forms in areas that are hard to reach using a toothbrush. Plaque is a bacteria-prone substance, which forms on teeth. These bacteria in the presence of starch and sugary foods produce acids that corrode the teeth causing tooth decay. The bacteria in plaque can also cause gum infection if allowed to accumulate below the gum line.

You will hear dentists from time to time recommending that patients should do interdental cleaning (cleaning between teeth). Dental floss is effective in doing so. Follow the advice of H. Peter Ku, D.D.S., PA and brush/floss everyday.

How to brush teeth

All the surfaces of the teeth should be brushed, including the back surface of teeth found in the back of the mouth. Pay good attention to the chewing surfaces of teeth. After you brush your teeth, you should spit all the excess toothpaste from the mouth. The mouth should not be rinsed. Supervise your kids as they brush their teeth.

There are two types of toothbrushes; the manual toothbrush and the electric toothbrush. Both are effective; you only need to make sure that you brush all the surfaces of your teeth. Also, you should make sure you use fluoride toothpaste to brush teeth.

Always remember to floshHow to floss teeth

A dental floss is a soft and thin thread, usually made of nylon, which is used to clean teeth. The fact that it is thin allows it to clean in between teeth. Nylon is a flexible material. This flexibility allows dental floss to reach areas that are hard to reach by regular brushing. Dental tape is an alternative to dental floss. People find the former easier to use.

If you are considering using dental floss, you should keep in mind the fact that if you do it, wrong complications such as bleeding gums may occur. It is very important to know how to floss teeth correctly. Following the direction of the dentist is very important. However, not all people get dental floss from a dentist. If you bought it over the counter, the following tips would make your flossing experience very smooth.



  1. Part of a section that is around 18 inches lo g (45 cm) from the floss. You should then wind the edges of the floss you intend to use around the middle fingers of both hands.
  2. Hold the floss firmly using the thumbs and forefingers of both hands. The floss that remains between the hands should be about 2 inches. The floss should be very tight so that it can slide between teeth efficiently.
  3. Direct the floss over the teeth very gently in an up and down direction. Make sure you reach the gum line. Plaque does accumulate in that area.
  4. To clean in between teeth, you should hold the floss tightly against the side of the tooth. Slowly guide it up and down until you feel there is no resistance.
  5. Repeat this process on all teeth. Scrape plaque of all the sides of teeth for effective cleaning.


Gums may bleed

When you first begin flossing, the gums may bleed; this is because the gums are very tender initially. Do not give up at this point. Continue the process and after some time, the bleeding will stop. If the bleeding persists, you should see the dentist.