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Making The Case To Re-sign Kris Humphries

When you are the general manager of a team struggling to win any games at all like the Celtics are this season, you have the natural tendency to look forward to the possible tar players the team could acquire. Whether it’s Andrew Wiggins through the draft or Carmelo Anthony as a free agent there is no doubt Danny Ainge will be salivating at the possible infusion of new talent. However Danny Ainge also has to make sure he has the right pieces around the stars of the team to help win. These players need to know their role and play with passion. A perfect example of this type of player is Kris Humphries.

Humphries came into the league with the Jazz in 2004 and eventually made a name for himself playing for the Nets from 2010 through the 2013 season, showing progress every year. His best season came in the 2011-2012 season where he averaged 14 points per game and 11 rebounds in the absence of Brook Lopez.  Humphries arrived in Boston as part of the Pierce,Garnett,Terry deal to Brooklyn and with only one year left on his contract appeared to be a solid trade piece for the Celtics. However with the trade deadline already passed Danny Ainge and the Celtics should take a legitimate look at resigning Kris Humphries.

Firstly when contemplating the re-signing of Kris Humphries you have to look at his production. Humphries’ averages of nine points per game and six rebounds per game may not jump off the charts, but when you look at his consistency this season(55 games played), efficiency (.85 FT%), and his versatility Humphries is a valuable player.

Not only has Kris Humphries been a solid player this season but he has been a solid professional. When he first arrived in Boston he was not exited In the least, noticeable by his heartless and empty statement given during his inaugural press conference but has since swallowed his pride and given 100% to this Celtic team.  Going from a team expected to win in Brooklyn to a team seemingly unable to win in Boston would be a hard transition for any player,  so I commend him for his effort.  Players like Humphries that give that full effort can be cornerstones off the bench for championship contending teams.

From a more business standpoint Humphries makes sense as a short term re-sign. At the age of 29 Humphries is in his prime as an athlete and should not see much regression for at least two more seasons, also Humphries is currently in one of his worst statistical seasons since his days before playing with the Nets. With his lack of production on paper Humphries shouldn’t fetch too much money as a free agent therefore could be an affordable re-sign for the Celtics.

With the outlook of next season being unclear for the Celtics, it would make sense for them to bring back a solid veteran presence that can play both big man positions and also will give great effort every night.  If the Celtics can re-sign Humphries on a 1-2 year deal for a reasonable price it would help smooth the transition over until the next championship contending Celtic team is built.

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 Making The Case To Re sign Kris Humphries

Robert Hyland

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